Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Give Your Die Cuts the Wow Factor!

Hello!  Today I am sharing a simple technique that will give your die cuts the wow factor! I started with Carta Bella's Ahoy There collection and the anchor from their coordinating Designer Dies set.  I wanted my die cuts to stand out, so I kept the card somewhat simple.  The die cut anchors were super cute on their own, but I pulled some twine from my stash for some dimension.   I never would have guessed that these anchors would have turned out as cute as they did!  I want to put these little things on everything now!   Let me show you how to make your own adorable anchors!

Here is how to embellish the anchors!
1.  Start with your die cut anchor and twine.  Wrap the twine once around the top portion of the anchor as shown. 
2.  Take the piece on the right hand side and wrap it behind the anchor and around the front to the lower portion of the anchor. The other piece stays put.
3.  Continue wrapping the twine around the anchor until most of it is wrapped.
4.  Use a glue pen to put a small amount of glue on the back side of the anchor and hold it for a minute while it dries.  Do the same for the remaining piece as well.
And then just trim off the excess when the glue dries.  I used Zig 2 Way Glue for this and it worked really well. 
I also want to show you how I easily added the twine to the top of the anchor as well.  I think it really finishes it off!
1.  Take a piece of twine and push a loop of it through the back side of the anchor.
2.  Take the loose ends and feed them through the loop.
3.  Pull up on the loose ends so that the loop tightens around the anchor top.
4.  Cut off the ends of the twine.  You could also leave the ends of the twine long as well!
And there you have one adorable anchor!  I hope you have followed along and give these a try sometime.  You will love them!  I hope I have inspired you get creative when embellishing your die cuts.  I love how just the little bit of twine really finishes them off! 
Hugs, Tegan



  1. It's amazing how much the twine adds to the diecuts. Loving this card, Tegan!

  2. Sooooo cute Tegan!! The twine adds so much to the die cuts!!

  3. Darling card and such a creative idea to add twine to the anchors!

  4. These anchors are so cute! They really gave the card a "wow" factor!

  5. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing this simple technique to amp up the cute factor on those anchors.